About Us

Our Brand

Tasty Beverage Sdn Bhd, a brand since 2010, offers a range of products that are made with 100% milk from goats. We bring the goodness of dairy from our experts to families across Malaysia, providing nutritious milk that contributes to a healthy, balanced diet. Our founder had always been an out of box character and with his of experience we are proud to say we manage to deliver innovative goat milk products that families love. Our core consumers are made up of Malaysian families with kids while we also offer new products to cater to the needs of young adults for their daily nutrition.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide important nutrients to support your daily needs and to continue advocate the benefits of goat milk to the society as an alternative towards cow milk It's certainly a long education journey to convince customers about the benefits of goat milk, but it's certainly one that we will strive to improve and deliver to families across Malaysia